Go Far, Go Fast, Go Big With Web TV Shows! Become an Icon in Your Industry with Your Own TV Show & Thousand of Viewers!

Become a Celebrity in Your Field!

The STAR of Your Own Show!

I know that the sound of having your own show sounds complicated and expensive. Let me assure you this is not true. Having your own TV show today requires you and a camera. No big production or expenses. We can guarantee it is easy and simple. We've done this with our shows and with the shows of our clients many times over.

How important would it be to the success of your business if for once you would lead the crowd, not follow what everybody else is doing? It sounds harsh, but how valuable would that be? If you are struggling using social media tools and not seeing good results, you know what I’m talking about. The countless hours that were/are put into it, the time and energy invested, and... nada! Just a bunch of friends on Facebook but no real measurable, profitable return.

Did you know that at every 10 minutes, 27 million videos are viewed on YouTube alone?! Millions more on iTunes and on TV. Yes TV. Now let me ask you this, how many of those videos are yours? I hate to break it to you like this, but you could be leaving money on the table. Let me explain...

It's a fact, you can have your own  TV Show without investing an arm and a leg. As a result you can become an icon in your industry, a leader of leaders, and have that very same show broadcast on the internet and on TV. You already know online video is extremely popular and on the rise (remember, more than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube every month), but combining these videos to being broadcasted on actual TV takes this to a whole new level. Your TV show on multiple platforms: Traditional TV, Tablets, Smartphones, Online, Apple TV and on iTunes.

First of all, let's compare Traditional TV with New TV:

Traditional TV
New TV
Limited region where shows can be seen. Content can be designed
for niches and sub-niches
Limited to one type of screen. Targets your ideal client
Content has to remain broad and general. Can be watched in different types of screens: TV, Tablets, Phones, Computers, etc.
Targets mass audience. Easy and fun interaction between
viewers and presenter
Not interactive. On demand access, for the convenience
of the viewer
Communication is one-way. Few commercials
Shows are broadcast on a fixed schedule. No geographic boundaries, they can be viewed anywhere.
Commercials bombard viewers
every few minutes
Any industry can have a Web TV show.
Limited revenue opportunities. You can have several streams of income
with your show.
Extremely expensive! No super high fees
to have your show everywhere.


It's a no-brainer, there's no reason why not to have your own TV show! Plus, keep in mind that through our system your show will be broadcasted through traditional TV as well. New TV shows are the best and fastest way for you to become an icon in your industry.

There’s an enormous opportunity to develop a New TV Show in nearly every market imaginable. Whether you’re offering search engine optimization strategies, dating tips for the divorced crowd, or automotive repair advice, this type of strategy can represent a major profit center. It can be run in your business or as a separate business especially because it provides so many different revenue opportunities.

Is this you?

Are you tired of spending countless hours on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook and not seeing enough return?

Is this you?

Are you frustrated with ups and downs in your business and no security?

Is this you?

Do you get anxious with the pace your business is growing?

Is this you?

Would you like to be the go-to person in your industry?


So, keep reading because this can change your life!

Discover how to become the icon in your industry, reach thousands of people online and on TV without much effort, have security, and get the life you want without a lot of work, money or time invested.

Let me show you how to have your own popular New TV Show even if you never did a video, wrote a line of content and hate technology.

A New TV Show generates a steady flow of leads and allows you to experience real freedom in your business.


New TV Shows allow you to:

First and foremost to become the recognized authority in your industry!

Work less and make more money!

Focus on growing your business. There are only 8 hours in a day, why limit how much you can make by spending hours adding friends and “connecting” with people who might never give you a dime?

Reach an exorbitant amount of targeted people. 

Connect with people when they're ready and want to connect with you. 

Incorporate at least 13 new channels of revenue into your business!

Connect with people from where they feel most comfortable (they can do it on their phones, on the computer, on TV, etc.) This is great because if they feel comfortable and safe, they're more open to you and your suggestions.

Plug this strategy into your existing business, time, and budget!

Have a marketing strategy that works pretty much on auto-pilot... that's right, it doesn't get in the way of your business and goals.

Have a sustainable, recession proof marketing strategy - a reliable business that lasts. In fact, during a down economy the consumption of online video viewership increases!

Instantly have new channels of revenue in your business. Best of all, it's a duplicatable process.

Propel your recognition and broaden your space in the market. Giving you more time to do the things you love, that's why you're doing it right?!

With a New TV Show, your existing clients become more loyal to you. They stick to you... so you make more money!

You multiply the value you deliver without you having to do anything extra.

New TV Shows allow you to leverage your most powerful of influences – social proof.

It is a phenomenal platform to generate sales for other services and products.


Take a look at what is inside our new everything-reveladed-and-laid-out New TV Show Program:

From structure, implementation and marketing we'll show you everything in a paint-by-the-numbers way. It doesn't matter if you don't like to be in front of the camera, don't have a lot of time, don't know how to market and hate technology. It is easy, simple and fast.


Seriously, here's what happens:

We'll cover this in our program!

Master how to create EXPLOSIONS of income in your business

We'll cover this in our program!

Create your super-duper TV Show for WEB & TV

We'll cover this in our program!

LEVERAGE your time and income for beyond 1:1 service 

We'll cover this in our program!

Structure your message to get MASSIVE ATTENTION and become IRRESISTIBLE to your audience

We'll cover this in our program!

We'll show you the different types/formats of  Web TV Shows and how to select and incorporate the one that works best for you in your existing business.

We'll cover this in our program!

How to create your own New TV Show fast and free!

We'll cover this in our program!

Get your show on Actual TV

We'll cover this in our program!

How to structure each episode for maximum sticky-ness from viewers.

We'll cover this in our program!

Avoid the one thing that can kill a  show.

We'll cover this in our program!

How to get viewers.

We'll cover this in our program!

How to market on auto-pilot to attract clients constantly.

We'll cover this in our program!

15 built-in revenue channels

We'll cover this in our program!

How to decide which is the best approach for your show. Which angle to take, how to create content for it, etc.

We'll cover this in our program!

How to increase your client retention utilizing your show.

We'll cover this in our program!

How to create your 30 days implementation plan.

We'll cover this in our program!

Hot trends that you can leverage on.

You guys give great content, examples and actionable steps that make implementation so much easier! Thanks!


So what are the real benefits of a New TV Show?

1 Benefit!

It is easy to do and there is no pressure.

2 Benefits!

Guaranteed visibility and attention from your audience.

3 Benefits!

You reach more people at once.

4 Benefits!

It is a stress-free, low-budget, marketing strategy.

5 Benefits!

You don't have to waste countless hours with trivial activities to “market” yourself.

6 Benefits!

You incorporate at least 15 different revenue channels into your business.

7 Benefits!

You become famous in your industry. The go-to person.


Who is this for?

Go! This is for you!

This is a great program for coaches, consultants, trainers, speakers and service professionals who would like an easy way to market their business, get massive exposure, become known, and make more money.

Go! This is for you!

For people who are tired of wasting their time and marketing dollars on things that don't work. 

Go! This is for you!

For coaches, consultants, trainers and speakers that want to leverage the content they already create.

Go! This is for you!

For people with great passion for what they do who are motivated to add value to people's lives.


Who should NOT join this program:

Don't Join If...

Undecisive people.

Don't Join If...

People who run their business like a hobby not a business.

Don't Join If...

People who really don't want to embrace an opportunity that will make them soar.

Don't Join If...

People who whine a lot and never implement anything.


How is it going to work?

This is how it works...

You have lifetime access to our training program

This is how it works...

We'll set up your show on New TV OTT boxes: Roku, Samsung, Apple TV, etc.

This is how it works...

You'll get the How to Monetize Your Show Blueprint.

This is how it works...

We'll create your show blog

This is how it works...

You'll have a Private & Exclusive full hour session with Shahar & Nash where we'll outline your show and structure the best strategy for you.


Why us?

Because we rock!

We've had our own, very successful show since 2008. Way before people even understood the concept.

Because we rock!

Our shows are syndicated on Roku, Boxee, Smasung TV, Yahoo Connected TVs and more!

Because we rock!

According to the 3rd party tool TubeMogul we're in the top 40 shows of our category!

Because we rock!

We have an average of 20K viewers each week... that's 20K more people each week than you'll ever reach through Facebook!

Because we rock! We're doing it ourselves! We're not just regurgitating information we read somewhere... we're giving you the steps from us being in the trenches.
Because we rock! We have implemented New TV Shows for clients in many different industries like: business, arts, relationship advice, technology, self-improvement, hobbies, etc.


Get Started...

YES, Shahar & Nash I'm READY to
Go Far, Go Fast, and Go Big With My Business!

I undestand that this is what I'll receive...

My New TV Show syndicated on Roku
  Your New TV Show syndication on Roku in the Buzz & Biz Channel, plus syndication on Boxee and Samsung Your Show on Roku
Intensive Coaching on how to create a successful show  
  One PRIVATE & EXCLUSIVE Full hour session with Shahar & Nash where we’ll outline your show Your Mentors, Shahar and Nash!
My Show on iTunes & Car Apps
  How to properly structure your show for massive value to prospects and maximum freedom to you, and get wide-spread distribution. Member-Based-Program-Blueprint
In-Depth, Multi-Media, Modular Online Training Program  
  In-Depth, Multi-Media, Modular Online Training Program on How to use Online Videos for Business. Step-by-step, to the point. Access at any time on your shcedule. How to use Online Videos for Business
Monetize Your Show Blueprint  
  A blueprint detailing how to monetize your show! Member-Only Website


We Create Your Show Blog

it's imperative that your show has a unique blog of its own. To spare you the trouble of dealing with web designers and the extra expense, we'll create the blog for you! (you just have to host it) ($800 value)

Bonus! Intro and Outro
We create an animated 15 sec intro and outro for your show. It increases the perceptional value tremendously! ($500 value)

Sign Up by Friday and we'll give
you the following awesome bonus:

  • We'll send an email broadcast
    to our list
    of 20K+ subscribers promoting your show!

Special Sale!**SALE!!** Set-up of only   $847   $670!!
+    $147    $97 a month for syndication
(you'll be charged only after  
  60    90 days)
release up to 4 episodes a month!

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 What You Are Buying:


+Your New TV Show syndication on TV through Roku in the Buzz & Biz Channel, plus syndication on Apple TV, Boxee and Samsung ($2000 VALUE)

+ Your show on iTunes, plus syndication of every episode

+Your Show YouTube Channel plus submission of every episode

+ Online training program on how to create and monetize your New TV show


+ One PRIVATE & EXCLUSIVE Full hour session with Shahar & Nash where we’ll outline your show ($1000 VALUE)


+ How to properly structure your show for massive value to prospects and maximum freedom to you ($1500 VALUE)


+ In-Depth, Multi-Media, Modular Online Training Program on How to use Online Videos for Business ($397 VALUE)


+ How to quickly Leverage your existing know-how into a HIGH-PROFIT video show.


+ How to Monetize Your Show Blueprint ($247 VALUE)


+ 24-7 access to the BuzzBooster HelpDesk & Knowledge base ($200)




*We create your show blog ($800.00)


*We'll create the animated intro-outro for your show ($500.00)


* We'll create your show banners for OTT boxes and YouTube channel



NOTE: All shows must be family friendly. Profanity and/or any actions deemed offensive or distasteful will be cause for immediate cancellation of the show and possible dismissal from the network.



(during the next 48 hours only!)